Herslev Havn

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Harbour position DMS
55° 40' 39" N , 11° 59' 18" E
Harbour position DM
55° 40.65000' N , 11° 59.30000' E
Port position map
He can only be called at daylight. The harbor can be difficult to reach if you do not have local knowledge. The marking is sparse and it must be respected as there is low water in many places. The harbor is not illuminated. There are bottom nets and fishing tackle in the area. The water depth is 1.8 m in both basins. At the bottom of the western basin, the depth may be less, but the bottom is soft and is usually easy to release. With strong winds from the south and east, the water level can be significantly lower, but experience shows that on average this only happens once every two years during the sailing season. Guests can sit on green signposts, as well as on the innermost space on each side of the first basin.
Number of moorings
guest Place

Herslev harbor is located in Roskilde Fjord - west of Bognæs.

The Sailing Club's clubhouse has a toilet, bath and a sailing kitchen, and guest sailors are welcome to use the facilities. The clubhouse is sometimes locked, but simply asking the locals if they want to unlock the clubhouse. Right next to the clubhouse is a large covered terrace where there is a large barbecue in the middle. There are tables and benches under the covered terrace.

Herslev Strand Sailing Club has a home port in Herslev Harbor.


Herslev church was built in the 1100s. The original ceiling of the church is preserved and is made of oak beams. The church has no church tower.

Herslev Bryghus is a local brewery that brews special beer. The brewery has a farm shop where you can buy the brewery's products. It is also possible to get a tour of the brewery, however, this must be arranged in advance. A tour takes about 2 hours.

+45 29 29 24 14
Ports charge

2020: All boats of whatever size cost DKK 125 per day. Members of the free port scheme 30, - per. Day. Incl. electric water and bath.

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