Hjarbæk Havn

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Harbour position DMS
56° 31' 53" N , 9° 19' 7" E
Harbour position DM
56° 31.88333' N , 9° 19.11667' E
Port position map
Hjarbæk Harbor can be accessed day and night, but only in bright and visible weather. In the dam above Virksund there is a passage lock that is 30 m long and 7 m wide and with a depth of 2.5 m at mean water level. The W side of the gutter is marked with three green sticks with a top designation and the E side with two red sticks with a top designation. Bottom nets and other fishing tackle may occur in the area. Stinging can also cause difficulties. There is a speed limit for motor in Hjarbæk Fjord at 8 knots due to the bird sanctuary.
Number of moorings

Hjarbæk harbor is located in the Limfjord. Hjarbæk is very idyllically surrounded to the north and east by large-scale hill scenery, which extends all the way to the coast and ends with steep cliffs. To the southwest is a gentler, hilly landscape that gradually slides into meadows. Hjarbæk Fjord is in its entirety protected and laid out for bird sanctuary. Hjarbæk harbor is definitely worth a visit.

Hjarbæk inn is located in the harbor area. The inn's buildings used to serve as a customs office, but now it is possible to eat a bite of food. The inn is open from March to October.

There is approximately 2.5 kilometers to Løgstrup, where you will find post office, pharmacy and specialty shops.


The area around Hjarbæk harbor invites you to hike in the beautiful scenery.

Hjarbæk harbor is home to Hjarbæk Sjegtelaug . Hjarbæk Harbor is not just the place where you can go for a walk on the bridges and see the well-kept chickens. You can also see them on the fjord with their characteristic reddish-brown sails. If you are sure to see this view, you must come on a Tuesday or Thursday evening in the summertime. On Tuesday there will be racing starting at. 19 and Thursday there is children's sailing, which starts at 18.30.

+45 23 39 25 06
Ports charge

All boats of whatever size cost 100 kroner a day. The port is a member of the free harbor scheme, where both pay 50 kroner a day.

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