Nyborg Marina

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Harbour position DMS
55° 18' 18" N , 10° 47' 17" E
Harbour position DM
55° 18.30000' N , 10° 47.28333' E
Port position map
Nyborg marina can be called around the clock. There is a speed limit in the port of 3 knots.
Number of moorings

Nyborg Marina is idyllically situated at the bottom of Nyborg Fjord on the east side of Funen. The harbor is scenic and close to the city center and thereby close to the city's many and exciting sights. It was established in 1929 and has been continuously expanded with new port sections. Today, the capacity of a total of 620 seats is for both boaters and guest sailors.

There are good toilet and bath facilities. Bathroom toilets can be purchased in the port office and in the vending machine at the port office. Water and electricity are found on the bridges. In case of consumption above 800 W, contact the port staff.

The marina buzzes with activities, both tourists and the city's citizens often make their way and enjoy the harbor's special atmosphere. There is a barbecue bar, kiosk and exciting maritime shops. The city center with shopping streets, pharmacy, shopping center and post office is within walking distance of the marina.

In the marina there are several barbecue areas - just as there is a nice playground for the children.


Nyborg Castle is Denmark's oldest secular building that has been preserved. Due to its central location, the castle became the meeting place of the so-called Danehoffer, meetings between the king and the kingdom's spiritual and worldly superpowers, for about 200 years until Erik of Pomerania made Copenhagen the capital. The castle today serves as a museum.

Nyborg's Old Town offers several interesting buildings - including Mads Lerches Gård, which is a museum. The exhibition contains Baroque and Empirical style furniture, farmhouse with furniture, craftsmanship, toys, watchmaking and painting workshop, veterinary pharmacy, school room, arms collection and more.

Mads Lerches Gård - today's museum

63 33 70 83
Ports charge

2018: 0-7 m: 126, - / day 7-11 m: 147, - / day 11-15 m: 174, - / day (max. 10 people) 15-20 m: 200, - / day (max. 10 persons)> 20 m: 311, - / day (max. 10 persons) Over 10 persons of any size: 501, - Bath: First 3 min: 5, - then 2, - per person. minute.

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