Sakskøbing (Maltrup Vænge) Lystbådehavn

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Harbour position DMS
54° 48' 41" N , 11° 37' 12" E
Harbour position DM
54° 48.68333' N , 11° 37.20000' E
Port position map
The harbor can be accessed day and night, but only in bright and visible weather. Be aware that the current follows the direction of the wind in the dug "Oreby Gende". There is a speed limit of 4 knots in the gutter and it is forbidden to anchor in and near the dug. The depth of the gutter is 3.5 meters and the difference between high and low tide is a maximum of 0.5 meters.
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Maltrup Venge is Sakskøbing's new marina and is located about 1.5 kilometers west of Sakskøbing town. You sail through Sakskøbing Fjord on your way to the harbor. A lovely peaceful and quiet harbor in all kinds of weather. The harbor's surroundings invite you to experience nature - with plenty of forest. You can walk to Sakskøbing by a small path, it takes about half an hour to walk, or you can borrow a bike at the harbor for free.

Restaurants and shopping can be found in Sakskøbing town.

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Ports charge

It costs DKK 125 for an overnight stay incl. electricity and water

Environmental fee for free harbor scheme: DKK 30