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Port position map
Harbour position DMS
55° 3' 37" N , 12° 7' 25" E
Harbour position DM
55° 3.61667' N , 12° 7.41667' E
Sandvig harbor can be called at around the clock. In the period 1 May to 1 November, the port's 2 red beacons, which show red, solid light, are lit - the beacons are lit around the clock. The guys leader kept the upper hand into course 232 °. The entrance to the harbor can be difficult to find. A dug trench leads to the harbor and it is marked with red and green candlesticks. There is a speed limit of 5 knots in the harbor basins.
Number of moorings

The Port of Sandvig is located in the beautiful Bøgestrømmen on the Zealand side, and the port is a former fishing port, which was established back in 1939, but only with a basin. The harbor is located in beautiful rural surroundings with a good view over Bøgestrømmen - it is possible to see Jungshoved and Nyord. Today, the harbor consists of 2 basins, separated by an approximately 20 meter long pier. There is a depth in the harbor basin of at least 1.8 meters.

In the harbor area there are two shelters with an associated fire place, which are free to use. In addition, there is a barbecue for free use, just as you can connect to the port's WiFi network for free.

Sandvig Harbor Bådelaug has its home harbor in Sandvig Harbor - Zealand.


The nature around the harbor is probably the area's biggest attraction. Domestic ducks, geese and goats roam here. There are also several cycling and nature trails in the area around the harbor.

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Ports charge

All boats, regardless of size, cost 95 kroner per day, including water, electricity and access to the toilet building. Payment can be made with Mobilepay or cash.

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