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Harbour position DMS
54° 50' 58" N , 10° 31' 30" E
Harbour position DM
54° 50.96667' N , 10° 31.50000' E
Port position map
Marstal harbor can be accessed around the clock. Lighthouses head at 254.8 ° about 0.8 cm north of the harbor, then the port's lighthouse leads into 178.7 °. Sailing close to the bridges is required as the southern and eastern port is very shallow. During inclement weather, there may be strong current at the port entrance. N-going stream sets towards the shipyard. The current in Marstal Søndre Race is usually S-walking with S-straight to W-straight winds with a speed of up to 3-4 knots under extreme conditions and N-walking with E-straight winds. A ship entering the harbor at Marstal Søndre Løb must wait for a ship that is under sail. Max 5 knots when entering the harbor.
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Marstal is located on the southeastern part of Ærø in the border area between the South Funen Archipelago and and the Baltic Sea with entry from the Baltic Sea into a narrow ledge marked dugout called Marstal Søndre Løb.

Marstal was previously one of Denmark's leading maritime cities, and many ships have had their home port in Marstal. The harbor is still home to about half a hundred coasters / freighters. Maritime navigation is still the lifeblood of the city with shipyards, shipping companies and not least the Navigation School , which for more than a hundred years has trained navigators for the Danish merchant navy. Marstal is a cozy town with alleys and narrow streets.

Marstal Sailing Club has a home port in Marstal harbor.


The Marstal Maritime Museum is definitely worth a visit. The museum tells the history of shipping and Marstal. The Maritime Museum is housed in an old ship trading store. The Maritime Museum is open every day during the boating season.

Marstal church offers no less than seven church vessels, the oldest of which dates from 1738. The seven church vessels testify to the town's connection to the sea and the development of shipping from the 18th century to the present day.

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Ports charge

2018: Both under 9 meters in length cost 130 kroner a day. Both between 9-12 meters in length cost 150 kroner a day. Both between 12-15 meters in length cost 170 kroner a day. Both over 15 meters in length cost 220 kroner a day. Multi-hull boats: 50% surcharge. Electricity costs 20 kroner a day. There is water and electricity at all bridges. Diesel: 28.07.16: 9.85

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